Monday, March 21, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Has Been Released - Does This Affect You?

First let me say that after an initial look at IE9 I must say it looks good, very good in fact. Click here to read a review of IE9.

Should you install it on your computer? Should you deploy it to all of the computers in your office? The answer to these questions will vary and also depends on which version of the Windows operating system you are currently using.

IE9 only runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Sorry, that's the way it is. If you're not running one of these, you don't get IE9. Also, if you are responsible for more than one computer, and any of them are running an older version of Windows, you may want to consider staying with IE8.

If you are an individual and reasonably technical, have Windows Vista or Windows 7, then go ahead, install it, play with it. There are a few issues, some sites will need to make changes to make their site work with IE9. While using IE9, if you find a site that is having issues, simply press F12. Pressing F12 in IE9 brings up a debugging dashboard where you can adjust the compatibility mode for the site. This should help you get around issues with the site's compatibility until they are fixed.

If you are a manger, you may want to wait before rolling out IE9. IE9 is great in many ways, but give web site owners some time to fix the quirks on their sites. This shouldn't take long, but give it a few months.

If you have a website or multiple websites the you should install IE9 on at least 1 computer. Test your sites! I would recommend doing this as soon as possible. You may have to make changes to your web sites, we did. The problems we found were minor and easy to fix. The important thing is to find and fix problems with your sites before your customers and users see them. If you manage IT staff, have someone in IT do this! It also wouldn't hurt to install it on your computer as well, then you can see any issues they may overlook.

So what are the issues when using IE9? Previously, other browsers had some features that IE did not have and other browsers implemented some features differently. To get around this web designers used a variety of tricks and tools. This was, and still is very common. IE9 is a big improvement, and that is good. But, some of the tricks and tools that were used to get around inconsistencies and deficiencies may not work well with IE9. If you are experiencing problems with your site, please read This Quick Fix May Help.

I hope this article provides some insight into the issues that may arise withe the release of IE9. My goal is provide helpful information in the hopes that you may avoid pain and chaos whenever possible.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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